Help Center

1. I haven’t ordered online before, how do I place an order?

While we are exploring payment options that can suit the needs of as many customers as possible, you can shop on TARGEN using PayPal or credit cards. If you have neither of these options, we suggest that you head over to PayPal and register a buyer account, you can then add your credit cards or bank accounts and start shopping.
Targen Home Decor Store offers a wide range of Home Decor, Outfoor & Furniture, Home accessories, and ect, here go a few useful links to start with:

You can either click the Quick View button on the top right corners or right on the grid image to see product details, to place an order, pick a style (if available), press the "Add to Cart" or "Buy it now" button,

  • The "Add to Cart" option adds the item(s) to a virtual shopping cart which saves all the items you can purchase instantly or later, to view all items in your shopping cart, press the 🛒 symbol on the top right of any page, you can then configure the item(s) before Checkout;
  • The "Buy it Now" option leads directly to the Checkout page.

Once entering the checkout process, you can follow and complete the steps on the page:

  • Information: provide your email address and shipping address in details (please note you cannot check out using your phone number, and the shipping address should be accurate as to secure delivery and should be of no P.O. Box ones).
  • Shipping: select your preferred shipping method, we offer FREE Express shipping to United States.
  • Payment: you can shop using either PayPal or credit cards.

Once an order is successfully placed, you’ll receive an order confirmation to the email address you left earlier. More detail, please check the payment guidance here→

2. I cannot find where I can put the discount code when placing the order, what can I do?

The discount code can be redeemed during checkout, look for the Discount code field, enter one of your choices, and hit the “Apply” button, you’ll then see the cart value is updated accordingly.

Discounts are either direct (prices are slashed) or coupon-based (you're given a discount code). In case of coupon-based discounts, you apply the code at checkout to get your discount.

Some discounts are limited to a single-use per customer so if you have used code in the past it might not work a second time. If you're having issues with a discount, please drop us a line and we'll take care of it for you.

3. How many estimated days will my order take to get here?

All orders are processed and dispatched from our warehouses within 48 hours upon confirmation. Delivery takes 3 to 7 working days normally via Express shipping. More details, please see our shipping policy here-->

4. Where are items shipped from?

We hold multiple warehouses across the globe including the USA, Europe & Hong Kong. Domestic orders are always shipped from our So Cal, USA warehouse for the fastest delivery times but rare exceptions may occur based on quality control or stock shortage - because of which we may have to ship from a different warehouse.

International orders are shipped from any of our warehouses, whichever offers the fastest delivery time.

5. Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, please tell us via email as soon as possible before it dispatching from our warehouse. Contact us within 24 hours after placing order will be highly appreciate.

6. What if I miss the parcel courier?

Please don’t worry about it. The parcel will be shipped out again for free. In order to avoid that, please spare your carrier a time slot and ensure access is clear and safe.

7. I've tracked my order with your delivery company and it says it's been lost, or has already been delivered, but I don't have it. What should I do?

If the shipment tracking says your package was delivered, but you can't find it at your address, don't worry. 99% of the time this is resolved easily by following the below steps:

  • Search all around your mailbox, porch, and door area. Also check around the side and back of the building (sometimes mail carriers place packages out of sight on a side or back porch area)
  • If you are in an apartment or condo area with an office, check with the office to see if your package was left there for you to pick-up.
  • Contact your local post office about the package. They can check with your mail carrier and find out exactly where he/she left it. (They also have GPS on their scanner and can sometimes access that info to see exactly where it was when it was scanned as delivered)

If you still can't locate the package after following the above steps, please contact us via email at and let us know what you were told by your local post office. We'll help determine the next step from there.

8. My parcel is broken, what do I do?

Please don’t worry, the new replacement will be shipped for free. The broken products needn’t return back. Please confirm the side of broken products and send us the clear pictures to our support team. Thanks for your time.