10 Practical Home Decor Ideas 2020

     To home decoration or home design, the choice and arrangement of space accessories are very important. Accessories do not only play a decorative role closely but also can better reflect personal taste in life. Next, we will introduce 10 kinds of practical home decorations to everyone. How many kinds of them do you have?


1. Decorative Lights

    Lights play a huge role in making your home a home. It can provide lighting to the room, especially when night falls. Artistic and simple, lights truly uplift the ambiance of your room. When choosing lights and lanterns for decoration, you should be used reasonably according to the space size, style, and lighting needs. 

2. Wall Mirror
    Mirrors are multitaskers. Not only do they make sure that you look good, but they can also make your rooms look bigger, brighter – and better. They are generally placed in the bedroom and bathroom to meet the needs of grooming themselves. Choosing the proper wall mirror to combine perfectly with your modern home is not a challenging task. After all, there’s a huge range of mirrors to be chosen when it comes to shapes, colors, textures, or styles. 
3. Abstract Sculpture Ornaments
    Decorating with original sculpture is an easy and effective way to take your interiors to another dimension, and there are excellent options for every space, no matter its size or your home décor budget. On one hand, using exquisite small sculptures to decorate the room can create the visual center of the space and adjust the boring feeling of being in a closed space for a long time! On the other hand, it can enhance the agility of the space.
4. Vase Decorations
    Vases are the easiest way to make a room look lovely. They are that one accessory most thought of when you are thinking about something to place above a table. Putting a vase in the interior space can create a visual center and focal point, and placing flowers in the vase with clear water can beautify the space and render the artistic atmosphere. 
5. Flower Arrangement Decoration
    Flower arrangement is an art, home decoration and flower arrangement decoration can beautify the space. The flower arrangement is excellent for viewing, and it can also reflect the homeowner’s elegant lifestyle. In addition, a good flower arrangement also has the function of good luck at home.
6. Floor Rugs Carpet
    Rugs in our homes as shoes are to a well-dressed outfit. You wouldn’t go to the trouble of selecting your best outfit for a night out and then go barefooted. It’s the same principle as rugs. Shoes complete an outfit and, in some instances, will actually outshine what you’re wearing, if you want them to that is. It’s the same with rugs. They can be a game-changer on how a room looks and feels.  Rugs can sit in harmony with your room,  make a statement by adding an element of surprise.
7. Pillows
     Firstly it's really affordable because you can buy inserts just plain inserts to go inside of pillow covers and you can continuously change out pillow covers to really match with your decor that's happening, to match with the season,to match with new color palettes. 
8. Book Decoration
    "A room without books is like a body without soul." Books have a special charm, which can enhance the affinity of space. Books can be placed in different rooms. For example, you can set up a mobile shelf in the kitchen to put one or two cooking books; in the bedroom you can also have a shelf to put some books you like, and you can read them before going to bed.
9. Canvas Wall Art Paintings
    Canvas wall art makes our home feel alive with the color it brings.  Especially the oil paintings, prints, and watercolors with collector value, giving the space art painting color and show personal taste.
10. Indoor Plants
    Indoor green plants bring outdoor green into the room, soothing the space and purifying indoor air. Don't let those fickle fiddle leaf figs fool you. Not every houseplant requires a natural green thumb and extensive gardening expertise. The artificial plants is also a good choice for you to decorate your room.
When are you going to redo your home? How you want it look like? Let's  talk about it your favorite home style in your imagination!
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